Monday, March 7, 2016

[PSP] PPSSPP Dangan-Ronpa (English Patched) on Android

Description : The Gameplay in Danganronpa is divided into two parts: Exploration and the Class Trial. The Exploration is self-explanatory; you walk around the academy, interact with objects, your classmates, and try to find clues as to why you were trapped there in the first place.
Where this game shines is in its Class Trial phase which can be divided into 2 parts: Investigation Phase and Class Trial. The Investigation Phase occurs right after a murder and it’s the part where you get to go around questioning your classmates and gathering clues in order to unravel the truth behind the who did it.
Now, here is where the game really stands out: The Class Trial. Every Class Trial is fully voiced unlike the other parts of the game where the characters only say a few lines. There are various sections in the class trial such as the:
Patch Changelogs
[PSP] PPSSPP Gameplay Dangan-Ronpa (English Patched) on Android
My setting PPSSPP on Android
Device : Samsung Grand 2
I Use PPSSPP v0.9.0
Setting Include in Video
NB: Optional check auto frameskip
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Title: [PSP] PPSSPP Dangan-Ronpa (English Patched) on Android
Rating: 100% based on 93 ratings. 5 user reviews.
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