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[PSX] FPSE Megaman X5 (USA) on Android

Description : Mega Man X5 is the fifth entry in the Mega Man X series, released on the PlayStation on November 2000 in Japan, February 2001 in North America, and August 2001 in Europe. It was originally intended as the series finale, but this never came to pass.
In the year 21XX, several months after the Repliforce war, Earth is enjoying a time of peace, repairing the damage caused by the war, including several major space colonies that were damaged, including the giant space colony of Eurasia. However, before repairs could be started on Eurasia, a mysterious figure commandeered the damaged colony, infecting it with the Sigma virus and setting it on a collision course with the planet, threatening to wipe out all life, human and reploid alike, off the face of the Earth.
[PSX] FPSE Gameplay Megaman X5 on Android
PSX Game Megaman X5 (USA) Android
Device : Samsung Grand 2
I Use FPSE v0.11.178
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Title: [PSX] FPSE Megaman X5 (USA) on Android
Rating: 100% based on 93 ratings. 5 user reviews.
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